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The Secondary Air Injection System Bypass Kit - Plug and Play!

The Hewitt-Tech SAIS Bypass Kit Plug and Play prevents operation of the SAIS at cold start thus letting you clear your related trouble codes, the CEL and Limp mode and installation made easy. Click on images for more details!

This is the bypass kit we recommend for most customers! If you don't want to splice or tap into your factory harness these kits are for you!

     This Plug In version of the SAIS Bypass kit offers all the same features and benefits of the Wired Version but with super quick and labor saving Plug and Play Installation. All wiring connections except the starter relay connection are accomplished by the Plug and Play harness. Detailed and illustrated Installation Instructions are easy to follow and include all details for each component of the Bypass Kit. Like the wired version, these kits prevent operation of the secondary air injection system at cold start. By preventing the SAIS from operating many of the trouble codes, CEL and Limp mode that are associated with a SAIS failure will not return once cleared. The Plug and Play Harness provides a very clean factory looking installation that allows for the bypass module to still be hidden out of plain sight.

Here are the Common Trouble codes that the Standard Bpyass Kit can illiminate:P1441, P1442, P1444, P1445, P2440, P2441, P2442, P2443, P2445*, P2447

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For more information on trouble codes that Can and Cannot be cleared with the bypass kit alone... Please check our Trouble Codes Section and review the installation instructions.

The Plug In Kit Includes:

  •   1 x SAIS Bypass Module - Harnessed Plug In Connection
  •   1 x Pair of Exhaust Valve No.2 Block Off Plates - Engine Specific (may be different than shown)
  •   1 x 10' Piece of Violet 20 AWG TXL - Starter Relay Connection Wire
  •   1 x Printed Copy - Detailed Bypass Module Installation Instructions
  •   1 x Printed Copy - Block Off Plate Instructions - Engine Specific


  • Weatherproof connectors for Plug and Play convenience without the need to alter your factory wiring!
  • Black Poly Split Loom harness built with 3m™ Super 88+ Tape - Flame Resistant
  • Custom Made Compact Solid State Electronic Module
  • 4cm x 4cm x 1.4cm Black Duroplastic High Temp Enclosure - UL 94 V-0 Flame Resistance
  • High Quality Automotive Engine Compartment Grade TXL Wiring
  • The starter relay connection is an option ONLY available on The Original SAIS Bypass Modules.
  • 3M™ Automotive Acrylic Double Sided Tape for mounting
  • Black Epoxy Potted for environmental and shock protection
  • Simple 4 or 5 wire hookup
  • Assembled 100% by hand in the USA!
  • For use on Off-Road, Racing or other emissions exempt vehicles only.
  • 16 gauge (1/16 inch) 316 Stainless Steel Block Off Plate Construction For Lifetime Use
  • Water Jet Cut for Precision and Smoother Edges, Guaranteed to Fit Your Engine

More About the SAIS Bypass Kit

     The bypass module is activated when the ignition is first switched to "ON" and any time it detects a 4-12V signal on the starter relay wire. The starter relay option is only available on the Hewitt-Tech SAIS Bypass Modules! This option, when connected, ensures that the module actively prevents the SAIS from running on EVERY start. With the starter relay wire connected you can turn the ignition to "ON" for any period of time and the module will be active as soon as you crank the engine. Without the starter relay wire connection you would need to turn the ignition back "Off" and then crank the vehicle to ensure the module is active or the system could operate and cause trouble codes and the CEL to come back on. Just install the kit with the starter relay wire connection and don't worry about having to start the engine as soon as you turn the key on! If anyone else drives the vehicle this is a Must!

     The included No.2 Exhaust Valve Block-off Plates are an integral part of the bypass kit (images may not match the plates you receive for your specific engine). The block off plates are the only way to isolate the exhaust valves and the related pressure sensor(s) from the exhaust. By completely isolating the system from the exhaust the pressure sensors are prevented from causing valve stuck open trouble codes which are the main cause of limp mode when this system fails. Even though a system is bypassed and should never run again, the Exhaust No.2 valves can still leak exhaust and cause future trouble. Installing the block off plates is the only way to prevent future valve trouble and limp mode. Again, it is just best to install and forget about it.

Not Sure What You Need? Give us a Call TOLL FREE 1-844-307-7671 or Contact Us

guido on 09/22/2018 08:29am
Bought the plug and play kit for my 2006 GX470 after I got the P14441 and P1444 errors and limp mode. Worked as advertised. Error codes and limp mode gone. Saved a lot of money vs the OEM fix for a 12 year old truck. Satisfied.
Richard A. Ward on 08/20/2018 09:17pm
I just installed the plug and play on my 2005 Tundra very fine product does what you said it works saved me $4000.00 thank you I would definitely recommend this to a friend or any one who has this problem with there Tundra.
Darrell Coleman on 03/20/2018 07:03pm
Installed on my 2007 Tundra. The kit took under 1 hour to install. Dodged the 2k repair and in live again with my Toyota! Thanks Hewitt you are truly a life saver!!
Andrew on 09/29/2017 09:26am
I bought this for my 2005 Sequoia after it went into "limp mode" and I had codes P1441 and P1444, and TCS and VSC and check engine light all came on. I installed this kit in a little over an hour and everything worked fine after. The block off plates took up most of the time to install and the wiring took about 5 minutes. I bought PB blaster an a 10mm socket ahead of time which is a must to have and makes it much easier to install the block off plates which are somewhat of a pain in the but to install.
JR on 09/13/2017 08:35pm
Flawless installation and performance. Great directions including great tips like pry bar and PB Blaster. No more fan noise with super clean execution. Great product and execution.
Doug Scott on 08/10/2017 03:07pm
I installed this kit on a 2005 V-8 Toyota 4Runner a year and a half ago. Just passed Georgia Emissions for 2018. No difference in performance hot or cold operating temps. Love the product!!! Excellent service all the way around.
Brad Haeger on 08/01/2017 03:49pm
Living in the tropics has caused the SAIS to valve to seize, creating the issue, on both my 2005 Tundra and Tacoma. Purchased and installed the Bypass kit on both vehicles which fixed the issue and save me thousands. The kit is OEM quality with detailed instructions and excellent packaging.
I appreciate the ingenuity of this product.
Jon M. on 07/17/2017 01:13pm
Kit worked as intended. Super easy install, took about an hour. Ended up saving me 2 grand from what the dealer wanted to charge to fix the same issue.
Erik on 07/16/2017 01:28pm
Installed on a 2006 Lexus GX470. Really impressed with the kit, installation instructions, and operation. Took about 1 -1.5 hours as indicated. Thanks and great job with the kit!
Jay Guthery on 07/14/2017 01:54pm
Outstanding product. Instructions were spot on. Would highly suggest spending the six dollars for the penetration oil at your local auto parts store. Made the job so easy. Shipped quickly, even with the company shutting down for the 4th of July. From the time you receive the product, you can tell the company gives a crap about the customer. Packaged correctly and with care. Top notch operation. Only complaint is they need to offer more products. With the quality of this kit, I would believe everything they sold would be perfection. Thank you!
Lonnie Gallegos on 06/16/2017 02:59pm
I installed the plug and play kit on my 2005 Lexus GX 470 and it worked as advertised! Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars!
Rob on 04/18/2017 10:04am
Awesome kit and easy to install. I recommend to all of my customers even if they aren't having any issues. There is nothing more irritating than trying to drive a vehicle in limp mode. Awesome product, great customer service.
C.H. Stott on 01/30/2017 12:38pm
So far so good.Worth every penny.Just what everyone is looking for.a way to avoid paying upwards to 4000 dollars for the repair from the dealer. Easy install, instructions are on the money. Truck has 180,000 runs down the road like new.
Jessey G on 12/31/2016 12:53pm
I was getting a p2445 on my 06 tundra and purchased a plug and play kit. Easy to installed, got hung up at one point, called and he gave the instruction I needed. Customer service is outstanding here! I got the same code in freezing temps but used a cheap obdii scanner to clear it and doesn't come back. Hewitt explained (in a very quick email response) that this could happen in cold weather on some 05-06 4.7L regardless of the kit. Clearing this code in very cold temps is worth it to me, and I think every DIY guy needs a scanner in their truck. Not perfect, but I'm satisfied and saved $3-4K.
David N on 11/14/2016 03:05pm
Installed the kit on my 2005 Sequoia, the instructions were great so it only took me about an hour. I was nervous about the blockout plates, but the instructions said remove the wheels for easier access.it worked very easily. The hardest part was running the purple wire. No limp mode, no codes, the bus is running great again. With 4 kids this saved usused the fed-ex express shipping since we needed the car ASAP.
Brian H. on 11/10/2016 08:11pm
Took an hour or so to install on a Saturday morning. Simple install - a little tricky reaching the dust for installing the blanking plates. Works flawlessly. I recommend this product.
C. Stump on 10/20/2016 01:55pm
First off Becky and Paul's customer service is the best you will ever experience! This kit is an absolute must have for Toyota owners. The SAIS on my 05 DC Tundra finally went bad with 289,000 miles on the odometer. The kit arrived quickly, installation was a breeze. Could not be happier with the product and Hewitt-Tech! Thanks again.
Jerry Kutche on 09/28/2016 11:34am
Prior to purchasing my 2006 SR5 4.7 I was investigating any recalls and other issues. The fact I found your site and made the purchase, received in very short time, easy to install. All is well! As well as earning my recommendation of your products. This is a MUST have.
KT on 06/03/2016 02:21pm
Prior to my purchase, I read all the previous reviews and then called and spoke with Paul. Ordered the kit and received it in three business days. Installed it in less than two hours. Highly recommend this product to Tundra owners.
Jason Short on 05/24/2016 07:35pm
2006 Tundra SR5, 4.7L V8, 130k miles -- I installed this item last weekend after noticing a temporary 'whirring' noise at startup, which began a few weeks ago. Never got to the point of a failure or a CEL, but this has now disabled the SAIS, stopped the noise, and I won't have to worry about this defect in the future. It's worth every penny. Lastly, the kit arrived quickly and was very easy to install. Thank you!
Stacy on 05/08/2016 04:01pm
Outstanding product. Easy installation. Would recommend to anyone!
Bruce Lieberman on 04/14/2016 09:31am
Genius. Roaring at startup, check engine light, limp mode all gone. Saved my wallet from the clutches of the Toyota dealership, who quoted ridiculous figures to replace their miserably designed system. Thanks again, Paul!
Bruce Lieberman on 04/14/2016 09:30am
Genius. Roaring at startup, check engine light, limp mode all gone. Saved my wallet from the clutches of the Toyota dealership, who quoted ridiculous figures to replace their miserably designed system. Thanks again, Paul!
Dennis Parnell on 01/26/2016 08:37pm
I was having a problem with my 2006 Toyota Tundra LE "check engine" light coming on. I got a cheap OBD II code reader. I had OBD CODES P1442 AND P1445. There were no performance issues but the annoying codes would have to be cleared every 3-4 days. I searched the web for solutions to the problem and I found Hewitt Technologies. I bit the bullet and got the Plug and Play bypass kit on 12/11/15. I did not want to mess with stripping the soldering a bunch of wires. I installed it myself shortly afterwards. Absolutely no issues with the "check engine" light coming on. The instructions are very good. I am a big man and the spaces were restrictive when installing the exhaust block off plates but I got'er done. I could not be more pleased. I did not have to pay the Toyota dealership thousands of dollars to fix a 9-year-old truck that has over 140,000 miles on it. Thanks for solving the problem!
Ramon on 01/01/2016 11:31am
06 GX470, purchased the Plug&Play kit, delivery was quick! Before making my decision, I called and spoke to Paul regarding everything the truck was doing. His customer service skills are "bar none"! He took the time to answer all my questions. I just wanted to say thanks again for the help over the phone. The module and plates are in and the Gx is running fantastic again!!
Great product, Great service and HUGE SAVINGS over dealer or diy repair bills!!!
Jim S on 11/28/2015 08:49pm
Out-Freaking-Standing ! I ordered the Plug & Play kit for my 2005 Tundra, received in the mail today & got it installed. Worked perfectly so far. Be careful on the older models, as warned, the studs on the exhaust can be brittle. I had one break on me, so the install took a little longer than 1/2 hour. Instructions were great ! the longest part of the job is deciding how you want to run the Purple wire. Thank you for a simple solution to a ridiculous problem ! Great Job !
wendell worley on 10/19/2015 09:58am
I bought the plug and play version. excellent service good instructions all I can say about this product is good. This remedies Toyota`s shortcomings. Great job
Joe Tousignant on 09/26/2015 10:02am
2006 Sequoia. Air blower vanes starting to break apart, a couple little pieces wedged in secondary air valve #2 on back of engine. This kit installed in no time! Not only did it prevent me from spending $130 on an aftermarket or $500 on an OEM air pump, it assures me that I will not have to worry about the unreliable air system ever again. Excellent product and well executed! Couldn't be happier. I will be getting another kit for my 2006 Tundra before the air system on it, too, fails. It will happen.
Barry on 09/17/2015 02:02pm
I have a 2005 Tundra with a V8 Engine. Recently had an oil change at my dealer (cheaper than everywhere else) and my service writer told me that I had a really bad code that would cost me anywhere from $2,000 to $3,500 to fix. She said the labor is really not that bad but the parts are stupid expensive. I have had this code on for about a year, and the check engine light was on most of the time but it drove fine. I had researched and found this company last year when only the one you have to break the wiring harness was available. When my service writer told me about the possibility of the truck going into "Limp Mode" I decided it was time to do something about it. Ordered the "plug and play" product about two weeks ago and the Check Engine Light has NOT come back on again. AWESOME Product. AWESOME PRODUCT. If you are having this issue with your Toyota vehicle I HIGHLY recommend this product. Barry
Reid F. on 09/14/2015 12:58pm
You're a lifesaver, outstanding product! I never could have afforded the repairs thru Toyota. 2006 4.7L Tundra.
Reid on 09/11/2015 12:02pm
I was thoroughly impressed with this kit. Got it in 2 days. As a disabled vet living paycheck to paycheck I couldn't afford 3 thousand to fix this problem. Thanks to Hewitt for coming up with an affordable solution. Very well designed, and extremely easy to install. I couldn't be happier! Would definitely recommend to anyone with a Toyota, whether it needs it or not.
Cliff Stever on 05/28/2015 08:08pm
Ordered bypass kit for a 2007 Tundra 5.7. Had in my hand 3 days later. Had installed by my local mechanic who was thoroughly impressed with Install instructions. I had one follow up question which was answered by email within the hour. I am thoroughly impressed with the customer service and look forward to no more limp mode.
mike m. on 02/12/2015 09:43pm
I just installed the kit on my '05 4runner. Very easy - The instructions were excellent.
Tom on 12/20/2014 08:35pm
2005 Tacoma. Fast shipping
Kirt Moss on 12/01/2014 09:40pm
I installed the module on my 2007 Tundra and now the truck runs perfect! No limp mode and no more check engine indicators. Thank you for a great product and a great solution to a big problem due to poor manufacturing.

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